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Operation I.D.

Operation Identification urges property owners to mark their valuable property by engraving their drivers license number in an obscure location on the property. The problem of ownership identity continues to be widespread as police departments have a difficult time returning property that is not properly identified. Without identifiable markings, most of these valuables cannot be returned to the victim/owner.

Remember that Operation Identification can help you get your stolen property back. Take advantage of this program by contacting the Shawano Police Department at (715) 524-4545. Engravers are currently available at the Shawano Police Department. Stop in and sign out an engraver and we'll show you the rest.
125 SOUTH SAWYER STREET  |  SHAWANO, WI 54166  |  NON EMERGENCY 715-526-6117  |  ADMINISTRATION 715-524-4545  |  FAX 715-524-2786