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Memory-Impared Registry

As you are aware, Alzheimers disease causes individuals to lose their ability to recognize familiar places and people.  Many individuals with dementia are no longer able to recognize danger or to provide basic personal identification information.  It is common for individuals with dementia to wander from safe environments in an effort to search for familiarity.  As a result, this can be life threatening to the individual with dementia and terrifying to caregivers and family. 

Caregivers and family members of individuals who suffer from Alzheimers or other dementia are encouraged to register with the Shawano Police Department.
The program is free of charge through the police department.

Concerned families or friends can bring the individual to the Shawano Police Department to complete the Registry Identification Card.  At that time the individual's photograph will be taken free of charge for use with the identification card. If the afflicted person is unable to come to the police department, a recent, clear photograph can be brought in at the time of registration. In the event the individual is missing from home, call the police department with that information. The police department uses that information on the registry in helping other agencies, including their officers, search for your loved one.
Please call the Shawano Police Department for more information or to make an appointment. 
The telephone number is: 524-4545 
125 SOUTH SAWYER STREET  |  SHAWANO, WI 54166  |  NON EMERGENCY 715-526-6117  |  ADMINISTRATION 715-524-4545  |  FAX 715-524-2786