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School Liaison

Why is a police officer in our schools?

Police School Liaison Officers are in our schools to answer questions on law enforcement and to assist students, parents, teachers and community members with problems or situations that may arise. Contact with each and every student is available each day with an officer at the school that they can approach through an open door policy. It is a chance for the majority of students who are "the good ones" to have a positive contact with law enforcement.

The word "liaison" means connecting, or working together. This includes students, parents, teachers and the police in a joint effort to prevent trouble before it happens and to help students who might get into these difficulties. A familiar face in a police officer they see daily is a great way to prevent problems before they develop and to have someone they know when and if they need him.

The goal of the Shawano Police Department Liaison program is to prevent juvenile delinquency by providing youth with the services and resources they need to stay out of trouble, and to have a connecting link throughout the community to allow better communication to ultimately solve problems and prevent them from happening.

The program was developed through the joint efforts of the Shawano/Gresham
school board and the City of Shawano common council. The board recognized
the need for the program and set aside funds to get it started. They approached the city and proposed the liasion position. The city, in a search for funding of the position, applied for a grant to fund it's share and were successful, gaining funds for three years to start the program.

For more information CLICK HERE to contact Officer Jody Johnson . Or you may contact him by phone at the following numbers:

Shawano Community High School: 715-526-2175

Shawano Community Middle School: 715- 526-2192

Shawano Police Department: 715-524-4545
125 SOUTH SAWYER STREET  |  SHAWANO, WI 54166  |  NON EMERGENCY 715-526-6117  |  ADMINISTRATION 715-524-4545  |  FAX 715-524-2786