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Sensitive Crimes

Sensitive crime investigation requires special training for the investigating officer who will deal with both the victim and the offender involved. Generally, sexual assaults against women and children, rape, incest, and other unlawful sexual contacts are considered "sensitive crimes" by law enforcement because of the traumatic impact on the physical and emotional well being of the victim.

The Shawano Police Department has several officers who are trained in sensitive crime investigation. These officers are called to handle investigations requiring those skills.

Sexual assaults are generally a very difficult crime for a victim to report. Statistics show that probably only one in ten victims ever disclose information about sexual abuse to law enforcement. It should be noted that sexual assaults are not crimes of passion, they are the assertion of power and control over the victim by the offender. The main focus by the investigating officer should be for the full recovery of the victim, both emotionally and physically. Often the scars are carried the entire lifetime of the victim. The investigator wants to conduct the investigation in a manner that will not add to, or further damage the victim.

The goal of our agency is to successfully prosecute those offenders who would prey upon citizens of our community. At the same time, we would like to reach out to victims and inform them of their rights under the law, and provide them an avenue by which to report assaults to the police. This requires an officer to develop a rapport and trust level with the victim in order for the victim to feel comfortable in discussing the incident with the officer.

In an attempt to educate the public, officers are made available to conduct educational programs to students at the elementary, middle, and high school level. Officers will, upon request, provide programs for civic organizations, business, or women's groups. We, as officers, welcome the opportunity to speak to organizations and groups regarding the prevention of these crimes, and to educate the public regarding the law.

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