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Bike Patrol

The Shawano Police Department's bike patrol consists of regular patrol officers who sign up for the special patrol. When enough officers are working, one can be assigned by the shift supervisor to patrol on bike. Officers are also used on an overtime basis to augment regular patrol at times. Officers on bike patrol ride one of the department's two Trek Police package bikes. They wear special uniforms, consisting of shorts, a light blue shirt with badge and patches, and the traditional duty belt

During the fair, bike patrol officers were used in the area of the fairgrounds to patrol the neighboring parking areas. Officer Brian Magee made an arrest of an individual selling narcotics in the area after the officer watched the subject engaging in a narcotics transaction with another individual. A short chase ensued and the officer on the bike was easily able to catch the subject.

Bike patrol is more effective in areas such as this as criminals aren't able to see the officer coming as easily as when the officer is in a squad car, and the officers get to make better use of their senses while on bike patrol. 
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